Linux based Tizen 4.0 coming this September

    Linux based Tizen 4.0 coming this SeptemberSamsung has been working on a development for a new version of the Tizen Operating System, version 4.0. It will be developed for mobile devices, wearable tech, smart home gadgets, IoT, smart TV and much more.

    They have announced a partnership with Microsoft in November 2016. For the release of Tizen, the company will use the tools of Visual Studio’s .NET. That can also mean that the C# developers can easily develop and create apps and also port then on their Tizen platforms.

    Being an Open Source Linux based OS, can mean that it can take the code and the develop products with it. The devices that has Tizen OS are the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3, Samsung TVs and Samsung Smartwatches. The operating system is also supported by the smart home offerings such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners.

    The release of the beta version of this Tizen OS should be in June this year. The final release is expected to be in September also this year and it will have final .NET integrated in it. The 4.0 version of Tizen is also expected to have richer features than the 3.0 version. There is also not a specific list of features for it because it is still in development mode.

    At this moment, all of the Tizen smartphones are using the 2.4 version of it. There are still not any reports saying that any of this products will receive this particular version. However, we will be tracking any kind of information that comes out from Samsung and stay in touch.