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Samsung Registers Galaxy Tab S Pro Name in Korea


Samsung had announced the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at the MWC 2015 on March 1 and brought them to the world market one month after that in April. Now the Galaxy S6 Active is out and available at AT&T exclusively.

Plus the Galaxy S6 Edge is also on its way to the market along with the Galaxy A8 which is said to make its debut on the 17th of July. Now with all these smartphones coming out by Samsung consumers are really looking forward to the company’s tablets.

The Galaxy Tab S2 rumors and leaks have been circulating for quite long now but it seems as of the South Korean giant has got another tablet in the making.

This latest leak is about the Galaxy Tab S Pro which is a device that no one has yet seen. Samsung had filed for the Tab S Pro name on the 3rd of July so that the name could not be picked up and used by any other manufacturer.

Well right now there is no information about this device whatsoever. However as many of you would know that the company is planning two Tab S2 models which comprises of an 8 inch and 9.7 inch model.

Well there is no release date for these Tab S2 models but normally Samsung unveils its tablets in August just like it unveiled the Tab S in August. So we could be looking at these new tablets by Samsung in August.