Samsung possibly patented their Bixby speaker

Today, we have a really big amount of rage for the smart assistant-powered speakers. Besides Samsung, Microsoft have been really successful in this area as well. They also teamed up with Harman Kardon, which is now owned by Samsung. The Cortana powered speaker as well is called Invoke. And also, the Korean giant confirmed that they are now working with HP on a similar device.

The Bixby virtual assistant was released with the Galaxy S8. They did not confirm anything yet if they have plans to bring Bixby to a wider range of smartphones. Surely it will not be huge surprise if they bring Bixby-powered smart speaker as well.

Samsung have also granted a design for their “Audio Device”. But, the designed patents don’t explain the concept beyond the graphics, as for now we can only say that it is most likely to be a standalone speaker.

If the company decides to release this device, we will hear about it pretty soon. Not every device that get their own patent have a release date, so we should only take this as a consideration.