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Is the Tizen OS be more powerful on Samsung devices

Is the Tizen OS be more powerful on Samsung devicesThe newest Samsung devices that are, and should be released, are set to feature Android OS. But, what if the newest devices of Samsung feature Tizen OS? Could it run better on the devices and increase their efficiency?

The Samsung’s Z4 has already some leaks and rumors around. The device doesn’t have some outstanding hardware, because the device might be featuring Tizen software inside. The Tizen software is mostly known as a cheap mobile base.

Also, the Z4’s specifications are the next. It might feature 1GB of RAM alongside with 8GB of internal storage. Next, it should have a 5-inch HD AMOLED screen, and also a Dual-SIM support. 4G LTE and a 2 050 mAh battery are also a possible option for the device. The biggest feature of them all that comes also as a rumor, is that the device will have LED flash on the front-facing camera. The handset should look like its predecessors.

Now for the actual news, that covers our topic, is that the Z4 will feature the Tizen 3.0 OS. With that, the device will suppor Khronos’ new graphics name API Vulkan. This graphics should boost the mobile gaming to a newer level and have a smoother internet browsing experience. The 3.0 OS also supports 64-bit Intel and ARM CPU’s.

The security on this device is also set to be on a higher level as well. The company is making changes on their kernel level, although we hope that they will also fix their previous Tizen security problems.

Overall it is really comfortable to see that Samsung are not throwing the Tizen OS in the water. They are actually taking it as a consideration and looking on it in the future as a part of their upcoming devices.