Home Cameras Samsung NX500 is Now Available on Amazon for $799

Samsung NX500 is Now Available on Amazon for $799

NX500 with Kit Lens
Samsung NX500 is now available for order on Amazon for the first time. NX500 brings most of the NX1 features in a smaller body: same sensor, same DRIMe V image processor, same hybrid phase-detection/contrast autofocus sensor, and almost the same 4K recording capabilities. The only missing functionalities are, you can not stream 4K content over HDMI and there is no mic input support.

Samsung NX500 is designed to produce superb quality images and vivid photographs, regardless of the shooting scenario. With its ultra-high resolution 28MP Back Side Illumination APS-C sensor, the NX500 has the ability to take the perfect shot, even in low light situations. The new mirrorless camera from Samsung also supports 4K and UHD video recording.

You can now order Samsung NX500 for $799 on Amazon, and it is for the camera body and kit lens. Order Samsung NX500 on Amazon