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Samsung Lets IPhone User Try Out Its New Phones For A Month


Well, technically Samsung charges $1 but for a month of test driving the phones.

Samsung has so much confidence in its phones that they are practically giving you the phone and asking you to test it out. Samsung is sure that you will not go back to your iPhone after you use their excellent devices.

The requirement is that you have to register for this program using an iPhone and Samsung ships a new note 5 or s6 edge+ with sim card. You can use it for a month and at the end of trial period, if you still do not like the phone, Samsung will take it back without any questions asked.

The requirements are that you should be an iPhone user and a resident of the USA. A legal age of 18 is minimum with a credit card. The offer expires on 31 December of this year.

Of course when the device has been damaged under your care, you will have to bear the repair cost and if it is beyond any repair, the full price of the device will be extracted from your credit card.

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