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Samsung Is Still the King of Smartphone World…. But for How Long?


The latest reports about smartphones shipments are out and as usual, Samsung is the reigning king in terms of smartphones sold. Samsung has about 21% of global smartphone shipment sales and apple is at a distant 14%. Surprisingly, Huawei has overtaken xaomi as the third largest player in smartphone industry at 9%.

“The best product and the best innovation are coming from Huawei. Not from Apple, not from Samsung,” said Richard Yu, who heads Huawei’s consumer business including smartphones, at a briefing in July.

While it is the leader overall, the situation in north America is different. It’s the home turf of apple and it leads the charts there. Apple has 34% claim over the smartphones and samsung,26% followed by lg (14%). The revenue taken results are disappointing. Even though Samsung has sold 7% more smartphone that it did in the same period last year, the sold models were low end and mid ranged devices leading to lesser percentage of profit agined per device. While apple make a profit of about $350-$400 per device sold.


The smartphone industry is rapidly changing with lack of differentiating features between present and previous generation smartphones. Consumers are restraining themselves from buying slightly improved new phones. buyers in the developing markets usually opt for low end devices and midrange handsets from Lenovo, Motorola and xaomi that offer flagship style performance at a fraction of the cost.

Samsung has recently released the note 5 and the galaxy s6 edge+ and the devices have been critically acclaimed but have failed to reverse the declining Samsung’s fortune. Samsung still seems to be adamant and claims that all is not lost. It hopes to retain its position and has been working at a fevering pace with release of many brilliant smartphones in developing as well as developed countries.

What will the future bring for the Korean giant?