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Samsung Smartphone Sales Skyrocketing in South Korea

Samsung seems to have a hard time selling its smartphones all over the world but not in South Korea, Its home turf.

The mobile division is all smiles as the combined sales of note 5 and Samsung galaxy s6 edge+ have reaches 25,000 units per day. Overall sales of all the models have crossed 100,000 figure. Samsung has hoped to turn its fortunes with the release of the new handsets. It is not clear whether the smartphone have been selling like hot cakes elsewhere but that’s definitely the case in South Korea.

The magic formula seems to be a reduced price. The note 5 has been selling for about 750 usd in Korean currency. It might seem expensive but this price is actually the lowest since the original note has been released. The edge+ is also priced at an attractive 780 usd which is virtually the same price as the galaxy s6 edge.

Subsidized price also seems to work in favor of the Korean giant. You can buy a phone for about 400 usd and pay the rest in small monthly fee. A small positive result for Samsung in a world of negative figures.