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Samsung Introduces First 128GB UFS For Smartphones

First 128-Gigabyte Universal Flash Storage Smartphones

Samsung has started to mass produce the industry’s first 128GB universal flash storage. The ultra-fast embedded memory is based on UFS 2.0 standard. This technology is going to be used in the upcoming Samsung and other flagship smartphones.

Samsung claims that this new technology is the most advanced JEDEC-compliant next generation flash memory storage in the world. Samsung’s VP of Memory Marketing claims that with their mass production of the UFS memory, they are making a big contribution which enables for the user to get a more advanced mobile experience.

The VP also said that Samsung will continue to work in the field of memory and will try to expand memory for our smartphones in the future. This UFS memory uses a new technology called the Command Queue. This technology helps in accelerating the speed of command executions in SSDs.

So consequently the UFS memory conducts 19000 input/output operations per second. This is 2.7 times faster than what we have in our current high end devices. Samsung is looking at the future and is expecting that every smartphone company will buy their UFS memory chips for their smartphones in the coming days.