Samsung Gear S Fashion Gressing

Samsung released a Wi-Fi only variant Gear S smartwatch in Japan. Samsung’s new version of Gear S does not carry 3G connectivity as the original Gear S version, but only has Wi-Fi connectivity. Japanese operator KDDI will be the first one to offer the Gear S with Wi-Fi only.

Regular Samsung Gear S has its own SIM slots and can have it’s own mobile subscription package. In the US all mobile operators, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile offers various subscription packages only for Gear S smartwatch.

Although you can still buy a normal Gear S and use it without SIM card, just on Wi-Fi, but the new version does not have any SIM slot or 3G support.

No news when Samsung is going to bring this version of Gear S to other markets. But we hope if it will ever come to other regions, the price will be a little less than the original Gear S.