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This Is Why Samsung Didn’t Announce The Note 7 Specs Onstage

Samsung introduced the new Note 7 at the unpacked event. The newest handset turned out to be better than expected but a curious thing to observe is that Samsung did not mention the core specifications of Note 7 on stage. Is this a signal of changing trend?

The answer is yes. The specification wars are coming to an end. Instead, handset makers are focusing on software services and the eco-system. Apple is directing its resources on the likes of Apple pay and Apple music. Samsung wants the user to take Note of its Samsung pay, Gear VR and other new features like Samsung pass that brings state of the art security system into mobile phones.

Another reason is that many handset makers have announced flagship handsets with similar specs. Even the Mi 5 smartphone from xiaomi that’s costs less than half the price of Note 7 have similar specs. Oneplus 3, on the other hand, has superior internals like 6GB of RAM as opposed to 4GB in Note 7.

No doubt the Note 7 is a hardware beast but Note series phones have always stayed on top of specification game but Samsung decision to stick in the practical realm is a wise move but will not appeal to everyone. (6 GB of RAM is useless unless you are editing a 4k video on a mobile screen or running the heaviest of applications)gsmarena_002