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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Now Banned in Offices

Galaxy Note 7 Exploding
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 woos are not going to over soon. Because of defective batteries, several civil aviation authorities banned the use of the phone in airlines.

But it looks like the phone is now banned in work places as well. Chengdu Service, the micro blog account of Chengdu’s Government Affairs Service Center, posted a notice to employees that it would ban the use of the smartphones for safety reasons.

The office will now monitor the use of Galaxy Note 7 in an area outside the office where users can get free internet access and charge their phone.

“If employees are found recharging Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, you should persuade them to stop,” the notice said.

Jing Rong, an office worker at the center, said on Tuesday that she has been informed of the new policy, and she would use her old phone, an iPhone 5, to replace her Galaxy Note 7.

“My superior said the center’s decision-makers thought the phone’s battery might cause a fire or explosion when it is recharged,” she said.

The Galaxy Note 7 problem is not widespread in China and only five such issues were reported till now. Also, Samsung is investigating to find the real cause of these explosions.

Samsung already recalled many ofthe defective Galaxy Note 7s from US, South Korea and other regions. But there is no word if the same will happen for Chinese market as well.