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Samsung controls 63% of Android market share

Latest data from Localytics suggest that Samsung is the ultimate winner in Android race. While many other are struggling to get some share in smartphone and tablet business, Samsung on the other hand showing it’s complete dominance over Android.

Samsung controls as much as 63.3 % of all android sales. And guess what the second best company in Android space in regards to market penetration is HTC, which has a share of 6.5%. LG (5.9%), SONY (5.6%) and Motorola (5%) are at third, fourth and fifth position.

Samsung controls 63% Android market share

If this did not surprise you, here is more. Samsung devices are account for the top 7 most popular Android devices in the world, led by the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S IV flagship smartphones. Only HTC One and the Motorola Droid RAZR are with Samsung smartphones in top 10 popular smartphone list.

So it looks like Android ecosystem depends on Samsung more than Samsung needs Android. Next year the race will be more exiting as Samsung is going to release two new flagships, Galaxy S5 and Note 4. Also Samsung is planning to pin down Google with it’s own Tizen mobile OS.