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Privacy extension app unveiled for Samsung Browser

Privacy extension app unveiled for Samsung BrowserDisconnect have announced that there will be new extension application coming up for the Samsung Internet Browser. It will allow the users to control their privacy and surf online faster. The app is already available for download via Google Play store service. Statistics show that the application works by blocking the trackers code which allows the pages to load 44% faster and reduces bandwidth by 39%. The Disconnect plugin is available for Samsung Internet Browser version 4.0 and later.

The way of using the Disconnect plugin is very easy. The first step is to download the plugin. After you install it head up to the Samsung Internet Browser and open the More menu. Then, head to the Settings, then Advanced and finally into Block content.

The Internet content blockers have been in a really high role in these past months. There are dozens of applications many similar to the Disconnect plugin. But not every application is effective. The Samsung’s Internet Browser, Disconnect plugin is not the first arrangement of its kind and it is for sure that it will not be the last one. We can expect many similar plugins or applications to show up on the market in the future.

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