Despite Samsung’s attempts to keep the Galaxy S8 leaks under control, the phone is seeing more leaks than a drilled canoe. The latest rumor is about the AI assistant that will be present in the upcoming device that will enable voice payments.

Some time ago, Samsung filed trademarks under the name of “Bixby” which in the file was described as a computer software for personal information management. Later there were some talks that it even was described as a software used to operate voice recognition system. But that all fell when there were new rumors about this AI. Apparently, Samsung will be creating a female version of the personal assistant that will go by the name of “Kestra”.

SamMobile also reported that Samsung is working on a mobile payment system that will be integrated with the new personal assistant. This is where the previously trademarked name “Bixby” come to play. This new payment system will be called “Bixby Pay” and would allow users to process payments using voice commands.

More information about the Galaxy S8 and potentially it’s reveal is expected at the Mobile Congress in 2017.