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Make Galaxy Note 4 Faster with Just One Small Tweak

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Galaxy Note 4 lags sometime when you press the home button and it take a fraction of a second to one second to show the home screen. Though you can not notice always but the issue happens time to time.

It is frustrating to get this lag on a device which is this expensive. The interface should be fluid and should have no delay.

If you can see some lag on your Galaxy Note 4 when you press the home button, check the video. Believe me your phone will respond better after tweaking this small setting and after that when you will press home button you will feel better response.

Here are the simple steps to make Galaxy Note 4 faster.

  • Open S Voice
  • Go to setting in S Voice
  • Disable “Open via the home key”

Still unclear about the procedure. Use the following video which will guide you through.

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