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Get a Discount Of 22% on the New Note 5


Note 5 is a phone which is all about productivity and is ideal for power users unlike any other phone, the newest note 5 is making waves across the smartphone world despite the new iPhone for its beautiful design and awesome s-pen. But the note 5 retails for a full $750 which is a premium price segment and not many people can afford it.

Since Carriers are moving away from the subsidy method where the phone can be had for about $24/ month for a two year contract. If you are one of the people who don’t like to get tied to a specific carrier or someone who is a frequent traveller around the world popping sim cards in and out of the phone, buying a factory unlocked note 5 make much sense. But $750?

EBay is selling the phone for about a $589. That a full 22% discount from the original price. The note 5 which is being offered is a brand new one with the model number N920i and it works with almost any carrier around the world since it is an unlocked version.

For starters, the note 5 is a relatively new phone and you will have to wait at least a couple of month for the price to drop and even if it drops, it won’t go below the $600 mark. It might be a wise decision to buy it now if you are waiting for a price cut. The note 5 boast of a brilliant 2k display which is one of the best in the mobile industry. It comes with a powerful Samsung made processor, an Exynos 7420. 4 GB ram is coupled with 32 GB of internal storage. Although the battery is non removable, the phone can run all day and some more. The expandable storages makes a miss. Overall, note 5 is one of the best phone that you can buy with money. Follow the link to buy the phone.