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Galaxy S7 Will Arrive In Feb, Will Be slightly similar To the New iPhone 6s


It is a known fact that Samsung has released it note 5 phablet a full month before its actual annual upgrade cycle to counter the newest iPhone. It also indicated that Samsung’s next flagship phone, the galaxy s7, will launch a month before than the usual period. I.e. February instead of March.

Reports also point out that the galaxy s7 which is still in the product development cycle will feature a dual camera setup for virtual reality and will house the snapdragon 820 coupled with 4 GB of ram. But the interesting news is that as always indicated, Samsung has started the development cycle with an intention of copying apple. The two new features in the iPhone will be incorporated into the galaxy s7. The first on of them is the turtle glass. The turtle glass is a protective cover over the display that is similar to the existing gorilla glass 4 but with improved and added properties. Apple has also said that it is using the strongest protective glass for the iPhone.

the new metal will decrease the fall impact to protect the phone

The second new feature that Samsung want to imitate is the body metal type. Apple’s iPhone had made use of the aluminium 7000 series which is usually used for aerospace shuttles. The purpose of this is to increase the tensile strength and durability of the device. This new aluminium has zinc and magnesium part to achieve the desired effect. Samsung will use of a kind of magnesium alloy that will not only increase the strength and durability but also decrease the weight of the device substantially.

The use of such materials previously were impossible with the then existing technology. Whatever might be the case, the note 5 has won the critical reviews for its overall function and we are eagerly waiting for the galaxy s7 and what different does it have to offer.