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Samsung Gear S3 updates everywhere!

According to the reports from last week, Samsung have confirmed that it could be possible to use their Gear S3 smartwatch without having a Samsung device. The only thing though that is important is that the paired device must have Android 4.4 or any other later firmware in order for everything to works as it should.

The greater news is that you can use this feature starting from today. Samsung confirmed on their twitter profile that starting from today they are releasing an update for the Gear Manager app. This will enable users to make payments with their Samsung Gear 3 using Samsung Pay. The only thing user must do, is to update the device and just start using this feature right away.

Samsung Pay option is just a beginning and it’s one of the new features that Samsung implements on their devices.

The Gear 3 device is still fresh, but you can find some very good deals online for Black Friday.