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Galaxy s7 will have the strongest body made of magnesium alloy


The galaxy note 5 and the s6 edge+ has been released recently but the attention has already been shifted to the next flagship of Samsung, the galaxy s7. The latest rumour to get circulated is that the body of galaxy s7 will be made of magnesium alloy.

The standard metals phones use aluminium for their construction which is likely to bend when a strong external force is applied. The newest iPhone has switched to the aluminium7000 series that is stronger that the 6000 series used previously. Samsung want to switch to the magnesium alloy in the galaxy s7 so as to make the smartphone the strongest mass produced smartphone ever.

The rumours also states that Samsung is considering a metal chassis made of magnesium alloy but you can be sure that it will only be an experiment and will finally opt for the unibody construction that gives out a luxurious feel when held in the hand. Galaxy s7 unlike, the s6 which has a metal frame but the glass back made it a dangerous victim to nasty falls, will have a metal back that isn’t a fingerprint magnet.

If all the rumours are to be true, the galaxy s7 is turning into a super phone with a brilliant 2k display, snapdragon 820 that provides mind boggling speeds and fastest charging methods and a dual camera setup that will help the galaxy s7 to act as a display for the virtual reality setup using the gear vr.

What features you like to see in the galaxy s7?