The flagships from any smartphone company around the globe produce quite a stir in the international media and minds of people. Everyone is looking forward to the release of some new smartphones with the latest features being released every few months. People are always eager to get a look at these smartphones. Feel them in their hands, use the new features, and checkout each and every aspect of the phone.

Nowadays, the smartphone that leads the pack of flagships in causing a stir and making people desperate for itself is the mighty Galaxy S6.


According to the most authentic sources and following the trends of its predecessors, it could be said that the Galaxy S6 will be out in the beginning of March, because Samsung mostly launches the Galaxy flagship in the first quarter of every year and the only event in the first quarter this year is the MWC 2015. MWC 2015 is supposed to be held on March 2 so one could presume that the new king of Android market will be unveiled on this date.

The Galaxy S6 will make a unique entry to impress the users so that the disappointments from S5 could be got over.