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Galaxy S6 Fire and Bend Test #bendgate

Galaxy S6 Bendgate - Bend Test
When iPhone 6 first came up, the big news was the phone was bendable. Many users posted videos, photos and news how their iPhone completely bent using a little pressure.

Now, it is the time of Galaxy S6 to go through all those tests. Many new Samsung Galaxy S6 users tried drop tests. But no one went that far to burn a Galaxy S6.

YouTube user JerryRigEverything posted a new video showing how much torture the Galaxy S6 can withstand. First, he did some scratch test using keys, knife and a screwdriver. But the new Gorilla glass on Galaxy S6 is pretty tough for these metallic objects.

When he could not even scratch the phone, he tried to burn the AMOLED screen with fire. Guess what, nothing happened. So the last step was to bend the phone. After trying hard with all his force, he bent the phone little. But still the phone screen was functional without any problem.

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