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Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Get New Update to Fix Memory Management Issues


The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge just recently got a software update which was intended to fix the memory management issues that many users have been facing on these two devices.

Now Samsung is eyeing another update for the users of these two devices. This new update is said to come with build number XXU1AOE3 (the other update was XXU1AODG) and will have a more detailed changelog.

This update basically will improve the fingerprint recognition process, enhance the interface of a few Samsung apps, improves compatibility with accessories and even add a new unnamed feature in the Photo Editor.

Plus in Malaysia the OTA is a 159MB download and the testing has shown that the RAM management is still somewhat messed up.

Moreover the differences between the two are still unclear. The previous update was for the Vodafone network in the UK while this new update is said to be a general update in the whole country.

So all users need to do is that go into the Settings of their devices, then go to about devices from where they will go to software update in order to check if the update is available for their device.