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Galaxy S6 Battery Life is Bad due to Google?


The Galaxy S6 is a fine piece of crafted hardware and software from Samsung and has been doing pretty well in the smartphone market. Samsung has added many features in order to interpret consumer needs in the changing smartphone market.

However no device is perfect and so is the case with the Galaxy S6 and this device has its drawbacks. This drawback is about the device’s battery life. It has been learnt that many Galaxy S6 and S6 edge users have faced battery problems with users getting a few hours of battery life while others get a day of battery life.

Now the interesting thing is that there is no problem with the design of the Galaxy S6, the battery size in the device isn’t any problem, the TouchWiz UI isn’t the problem and neither is the Quad HD screen resolution. The main problem is with Google. Yes it is Google’s voice assistant, Google Now which is to be blamed for the Galaxy S6’s battery problems.

So a recommendation for all the users that are facing a battery life problem with their Galaxy S6 devices is that you should not ship it back instantly but rather there is something that you should try out.

All of you facing this problem should switch off Google Now, Google’s digital assistant and you will experience your battery life skyrocket to around 36 hours on just a single charge. Well there is no hard evidence that it is Google Now that is responsible for this problem but many users after trying this small trick have succeeded. So if you are facing this problem you should at least give this trick a try.