Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Even though everyone knows that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are the best smartphones out there they aren’t buying it as they are waiting for the waterproof version of it that is the Active variant.

Everyone has been waiting for it anxiously and it seems that it is going to be out pretty soon. A inside source claims that a Samsung Zenzero device has been seen in the visitor logs of a wide known Android app.

Moreover the details on the device are very little although it’s known that the phone will be running the Android 5.1 and has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 along with a pixel density of 560.

Plus an interesting fact is that this device has zero in its codename and if you remember Samsung’s plans to revamp the design of their smartphones starting with the Samsung Galaxy S6 were referred to as Project Zero.

Well this could just be a coincidence too but it seems the other way. Apart from this the timing is also quite interesting as there have been photos with official renders of an AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy S6 Active from another source.

The device that has been shown looks like a typical rugged Samsung smartphone and is complete with bolts on the rear and navigation buttons.

It is Samsung’s way to make Active variants quietly and so isn’t strange that we haven’t heard anything official yet. Samsung in the past has also kept quiet about its plans when making Active variants. So be ready the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active might be out pretty soon.