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Galaxy Note 7 US Sales will Start After October 21

A new report suggests that Samsung may start Galaxy Note 7 sales in the US only after October 21. Samsung stopped global sales of Galaxy Note 7 after several cases of exploding batteries. Also, the company is now trying to recall all the Galaxy Note 7 units from the market.

Samsung officially put forward a statement that the Galaxy Note 7 are potentially dangerous to use and must be returned immediately.

Later this week Samsung will resume sales of Galaxy Note 7 units in South Korea. The new Galaxy Note 7 will have safer batteries.

The source also added that, Samsung informed all major US carriers like, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint to re-launch the phone on October 21. This is only for the new customers. Existing Galaxy Note 7 customers in US already begun receiving new units with safe batteries.

There is no official information from Samsung when Galaxy note 7 will be relaunched. But, this time it be hard for Samsung to find new customers as it will compete iPhone 7 in the premium segment.