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Galaxy Note 4 Freezing – How to Solve the Problem

In the recent past, there has been raised complains from Galaxy Note 4 users who claim that the device sometimes experience freezing hence giving them a hard time when using the device. The following tips and guidelines will help with troubleshooting of the device freezing.

Remove the SD Card Safely from the device

When removing the memory card safely from the device, go to home screen and tap Apps. When you are at the Apps, scroll down and tap settings. After tapping settings, you can go ahead and tap storage. When you get to the storage menu, go down and tap Unmount SD Card then tap OK to confirm the safe removal of your SD Card. You should then go ahead and remove the battery, then physically eject the memory card from its slot.

Perform a soft reset

When performing a soft reset, first remove the battery after turning off the device. Wait for ten seconds, then return the battery to its position. You can then go ahead and turn your device back on. Performing a soft reset helps in restarting the device and it leaves all your data intact without erasing any of it.

Use Sprint Zone to find out if your device has low memory

If you are a Sprint subscriber you have the awesome Sprint Zone app. Sprint zone helps one determine if their device has low memory. To determine whether the device has low memory or not, first access the Sprint Zone. Go ahead and tap Device Diagnostics after swiping to the left. Scroll down and tap Storage. At the Storage menu, you can determine if your device has a low memory by referring to Available in the Overview section.

Clear Application Cache

To improve performance and free up more space in your device, it is advisable that one clears the application cache. When clearing the application cache, one should be keen not to clear the application data instead of the cache. Clearing the application data is dangerous since it might remove your info and personal settings such as high scores and login information. However, one can’t lose their information or personal settings after clearing the application cache. Open the Device Diagnostics after swiping to the left when in the Sprint Zone. Go ahead and tap Power usage button. When in the Power Usage menu, scroll down and tap Battery usage. Go ahead and clear the cache after tapping the App info.

Uninstall or Close Applications

It is advisable to uninstall or close applications when using them since some apps usually run in the background even when they are not in use. This also helps to conserve the device’s battery power since some applications consume more energy when running. When uninstalling the application, tap the Power Usage from Device Diagnostics. You can go ahead and tap Battery usage to access the Uninstall button.