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Final report about the Galaxy Note 7

The smartphone that was total failure by Samsung and caused heavy loss for the company, has finally got its final results of the investigation. The device was pulled off entirely in the last year, and right after that the investigation has begun. The results were officially announced by Samsung.

The company says that the bad batteries and rushed manufacturing are the main problems that caused failure of the device. Samsung has started this investigation with 700 dedicated staff that tested 200 000 phones and 30 000 batteries. UL, Exponent and TUV are the three outside firms that ended up with similar results.

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the main issues were caused by the irregular size of the battery. Those batteries were built by Samsung SDI, but later on they were replaced by the batteries from Amperex Technology.

From the interviewed Samsung officials we have this information: “We believe if not for that manufacturing issue on the ramp (of Battery B), the Note 7 would still be in the market”.

The company has also to confirm the results from their profit in the last year, and the year before that. The point is to make a guidance of the profit in three years, and as it seems, the last year their profit was double from the operating profit of the same period a year ago.

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