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Can You Charge Galaxy S6 in Microwave?

Galaxy S6 Microwave Charging
Those who still remember the freak experiment to charge iPhone 6 inside a microwave oven, guess what those experiments are back. Though this time it is Galaxy S6.

So the real question is “Is it possible to charge Galaxy S6 inside microwave oven?”. If you are thinking to try this, then our advice is just don’t. There is no way you can charge a phone inside a microwave oven.

A new video posted on YouTube shows that what will happen if you will try to charge your brand new Galaxy S6 inside a microwave oven. First the guy tried for 5 second, and the phone survived. But it drained some battery power instead. And we guarantee you if you will put your phone in Microwave for longer time it will burst into flame.

Check out the video

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