At last, the wait is over! The first of its kind, Tizen-powered phone is here, the Samsung Tizen Z1 – the phone which marks the introduction of Samsung’s personally developed OS named Tizen.

The phone, as it was said, was planned to be a low-end phone and so it is. Its been released in India which is the biggest market for the low-end phones so it could be presumed the best testing ground for the Tizen. Samsung has made the look of Z1 same as low-end phones of the Galaxy series that run Android. Z1 could be presumed to look like the famous low-end Galaxy Star. The phone has a good look; even though being plastic, it looks pretty rigid and strong. All those looks for nearly $90 are worth paying for; it’s a great bargain for your money.


Coming to the software, it’s quite interactive. As the phone starts, you are will notice some colorful graphics that you will think you have surely seen somewhere else. Well, these graphics are much same to the Samsung’s Touch Wiz interface that it uses in its Android handset. The better thing about Tizen that makes it different from Android is its performance. Tizen is quite fast and the built-in apps respond quite well. Messages, phone, camera and other functions load quite quickly without any lag. If Tizen keeps up with this performance, it will someday head-on with Android.