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6 Best Galaxy Note 4 Launchers

Galaxy Note 4 Launchers
The Galaxy Note 4 comes with the ability to easily and quickly customize and spice your Galaxy Note 4 features. With the use of a galaxy note4 launcher, one can easily customize their widgets, folders, fonts, icons, App drawer and home screens. The following are the top galaxy note 4 launchers.

1. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher
With an average rating of 4.5 stars, Play Store, the Apex Launcher is considered as one of the best custom launchers available in the market. It comes with over a million installs available in the Play Store. This launcher offers the following customization options: transition effects, launch animations, themes, tons of icons, gesture settings, app drawer control and complete home screen.

Download Apex Launcher

2. Smart Launcher 2

Smart Launcher Note 4
Smart launcher is unique in its own way since it mainly functions by turning things the other way round. You can easily get the rings of the most commonly used vertical cascades and apps. An interesting feature about smart launcher is that an app gets automatically deleted when one deletes an icon. Based on the over five million installs it has got, Smart launcher remains one of the best Galaxy Note 4 launchers.

Download Smart Launcher 2

3. GO Launcher EX

GO Launcher EX
The GO Launcher is considered an unparalleled Galaxy Note 4 launchers extraordinary since it has a 4.5 star rating and also boasts over one hundred million installs. The GO Launcher is highly polished to provide numerous customization options for Galaxy Note 4.

Download GO Launcher EX

4. ADW Launcher

ADW Launcher

The ADW Launcher is specially polished to provide one with some of the best customization options for Galaxy Note 4. It has a Play Store rating of 4.4 stars and has over five million installs. It is highly compatible with Galaxy Note 4. The customization options include gesture setting, icon packs, skins, widgets and themes.

Download AWD Launcher

5. Next Launcher

Next Launcher
When one talks of the best 3D launcher available, then Next Launcher should not miss in the list. This Galaxy Note 4 launcher comes with two packages; paid package and free package. You can try the free version if you are looking for an attention grabbing launcher of hi-tech. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best Next Launcher features, then you can try out the paid package since it comes with elegant features.

Download Next Launcher 3D

6. Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher holds a spot on the Galaxy Note 4 since it provides an alternative for other Galaxy Note 4 launchers. With the 4.7 star user rating, one can’t be mistaken about this launcher and also to add on it has over five million Play Store installs. For anyone not familiarized with launchers, this is the best option to go for since it is easier to use.

Download Nova Launcher