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Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Here


The Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and the show was expected to reveal the HTC One M9 and the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6. Everyone was eager to see and know what the Galaxy S6 would look like but thanks to T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 teaser page has went live and it shows the Galaxy S6.

Samsung has created so much hype about the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress but now it has gone down the drain thanks to T-Mobile.

The main design of the Galaxy S6 looks very like every other phone the Korean company has made in the past except for the addition of the curved screen. However the edge is not as pronounced as the curve on the Galaxy Note Edge. Maybe this is because the Edge met the back in a sharp, uncomfortable edge which made it very difficult to hold.

Moreover it left no room for the side buttons which many users were unhappy about. So this time Samsung decided to give the S6 a curve that looks a lot shallower which allows for a flat side and room for a power button. Plus the curved version of the Galaxy S6 is going to be curved on both sides which will make both sides of the device look about the same. A flat version of the smartphone is also expected.

Now apart from the curve the picture by T-Mobile also shows Samsung’s trademark home button and a wraparound gray back. The back is thought of being metal this time, well that is at least what we can see from the picture. Well if this comes out to be true than finally everyone can say goodbye to the plastic and fake leather on Samsung’s devices. The picture also comes with the slogan “Six Appeal”, now that is some slogan the Galaxy S6 is carrying.

Well before this picture Samsung has also teased some design concepts of the Galaxy S6. Samsung has also revealed some of the features of the Galaxy S6 such as the processor inside. The processor will be a Samsung designed and built chip. This new chip has been promised to deliver 20 percent faster speed and use 35 percent less battery than the previous flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5.

Then Samsung revealed some other teasers such as wireless charging and the amazing camera that the S6 will be equipped with. Samsung has claimed that the new Galaxy S6 camera will do all the thinking for users and adjust the settings automatically which will enable the users to take outstanding pictures without worrying about anything.

Well finally these teasers will come to an end and all of you will know what exactly the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be equipped with at the Mobile World Congress. The Congress will be held on March 1 in Barcelona.