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Confirmed!!! The Note 7 Will Have A USB Type-C Port

gsmarena_001Leaked images of the Note 7 has confirmed that the USB Type-C will debut on Samsung phones with the Note 7. Samsung has resisted the addition of the futuristic port in favor of the legacy micro USB port up until now but the lack of this port has reportedly caused damages to the sales of the S7 and S7 edge phones. Samsung had to stick to the legacy port as the Gear VR would not be compatible with any other port and removing the virtual reality support in its flagships is like shooting in the arm.

For this specific purpose, Samsung is also introducing a much improved Gear VR version 3.0 with the support of USB Type-C. by adding this, Samsung is making the Note 7 future proof. All the upcoming accessories will be compatible with the phone. It will have much-improved data transfer speed. more amount of power can now be transferred to the battery for recharging it.

Theoretically, the USB Type-C can also transfer the audio signals that provide much higher quality music as well as a richer sound experience than the 3.5 mm headphone port.

But I love the port for one simple reason. It’s revisable. Micro USB is a pain in the back while connecting the phone for charging and data transfer purpose. Strangely, I always get it wrong before reversing the data cable But the people who love the legacy port need not be disappointed. This USB Type-C is backward compatible, meaning all the accessories that are lying around the house can connect to your Note 7 by using a simple micro USB to USB Type-C adapter.

The tech industry is moving towards a common standard that will rule all the devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. USB Type-C is that standard which is poised to dominate the devices for at least 10 years from now before being replaced by a greater connectivity standard.

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