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Verizon Deploys Samsung Pay

SamsungPay-Trial_Main_1Better late than never, this is the mantra of Verizon that is updating its phone to support the Samsung pay. Even though Samsung pay has been available for almost a month, Verizon has delayed the support for Samsung pay saying that it is still in the evaluating stage to decide whether the mobile payment services is best for its consumers or not.

But Verizon has finally decided to support Samsung pay and is issuing an update to support the payment system on the compatible phones.


The compatible phones are

  • Note 5
  • Galaxy S6 Edge+
  • Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Galaxy S6

But there is catch though, Verizon is issuing an update that will make your phone compatible with Samsung pay and will also fix the stagefright issues that can allow an anonymous person to steal your information and gain access to the microphone and camera. But the Samsung pay app is missing after updating the phone. A notification will appear asking you to download the Samsung pay app from the play store to start using the payment service. The real problem is that Samsung hasn’t released the Samsung pay app into the play store and it is still impossible for you to use the service.

Since Samsung was eager to land Verizon customers in using the Samsung pay, it might be releasing the app sooner than later.

Samsung pay is the easiest way to use make a payment at any retailer without your credit card and the transaction is only authorised by your finger print which is unique only to you. As for now, only American Express, Bank of America, U.S. Bank and Synchrony Financial cards are supported with more support for other cards coming in the near future.