Thread comes with the new Artik chips

    In the past few years, more and more effort is put into the Internet of Things (IoT). For a while Samsung had its successor module, the Artik 1. Now they have expanded and updated their IoT hardware with the release of the low-end Artik 0 and it’s bigger brother for high end computing, the Artik 7. Both of these modules support the Thread protocol for the first time.

    The Artik 0 is set to replace it predecessor, the Artik 1 and it’s aimed at the very smallest IoT devices. In fact, there will be two Artik0s. The 020 will work with Bluetooth and the 030 will work with ZigBee or Thread.
    According to Samsung, they will be “extremely low power” making them ideal for sensors and other small IoT devices. The cost will be “sub $3” and have 32KB RAM, 256KB of Flash Memory paired with Cortex – M CPU.

    The Artik 7 is a second generation of the module family. It offers high performance at a lower cost. The chip is Linux based and it will have an ARM Cortex-A53 chip, 3D graphics, 1GB DDR3 RAM and 4GB eMMC.
    Artik 7 will sit between the 5 and 10, providing high-end capabilities for a lower price than the 10.

    These two modules represent a whole-hearted embrace of the Google-backed Thread protocol which was released as open source project back in May. The most significant benefit over other IoT networking protocols is that it has native internet protocol (IP) support.

    As these two new modules head out, Samsung will also make improvements to the rest of its Artik ecosystem. This includes improved device management, improved safety and expanded integration with other IoT products and protocols.

    In addition of the focusing on Thread, Samsung has announced full support of IoTivity. This will happen while maintaining support for ZigBee as a legacy platform.

    SOURCEThe Register
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