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Ways to improve battery life on your Galaxy S7

Ever felt like there is just not enough battery life on your Galaxy S7? Maybe it has a large battery and stuff but you are just a power user.
Maybe by following some of these tips, you will get those extra percents of battery life to get you through the day!

First step:
The first and most simple thing you can do is to go to the app drawer and hit edit. Then remove any of the standard bloatware that you don’t use. Many of these apps are set by default to run in the background which suck battery life.
Many fear that by deleting these built in apps you will break the phone. Not true! As long as Android allows you to delete/uninstall something, it will not break the device.
However, you do not want to delete Google or the Voice Search apps. If you delete these two, you will not be able to use voice to text. Anything that you are not sure that you want to delete, just don’t delete it.

Second step:
For this step you are going to head to settings and under More connection settings. There you will see the Nearby Device Scanning. Go ahead and turn that off.
This feature is constantly scanning for everything around it, just so it is easy to connect to, when you want with the Quick Connect feature that Samsung has.

Third step:
Right under the More connection settings is the Smart Manager. This is a really great up. Unfortunately some carriers don’t have it. If you don’t see it on your device, just skip this step.
In Smart Manager you get the battery and then you are going to scroll down and go to App power saving.
What this does, it stops your apps from running in the background. You have three different choices. Make sure you have it on Always save power. This will always turn off the app if you are not using it.
The default setting is the Auto Save Power, which will shut down apps if you do not use it for three days.

Fourth Step:
While we are here, we are going to go just one step back into Battery and you are going to go on Battery Usage. This will tell you which apps are draining your battery and the overall status of the battery.
But in here you can also make it, so that your battery isn’t been drained while the screen is off. To do this, you are going to head to More under Battery Usage and go on Optimize battery usage. Here, you are going to turn on every app that you do not want to be running while the screen is off.

Last Step:
For the last step, you are going to head over to Privacy and Safety and to Location. Under Location you are going to tap Improve accuracy and you are going to turn off both settings.
By default they are on and your phone is constantly using Bluetooth and WiFi even if you turned them off. This drains your battery because it just wants to make your location more accurate. The GPS itself is pretty accurate (10 meters) but this way your phone will not use them when you have them turned off.

There are a few other little things that you can do, but these are the most influential.

And under any situation, do not use battery improvement apps. They just run in the background sucking more juice.

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