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SUHD Coming Out With A Hefty Price Tag


In the last few years, our world has advanced a lot. We have come across many new inventions over the years. Everything around us has been rebuilt once again from scratch so that it gets adjusted according to our daily need. The one best example is your smartphone, it has been built up from scratch and now it has the functions that we never expected to be possible on a handheld device.

Our mobiles have gained the intelligence of computers and many other functions such as cameras, lights, and heart rate monitor came along. Apart from this, our mobiles also got operating systems and then apps that made us capable to use them like mini computers and perform functions as playing games and making internet research.

Joe Stinziano

Well, one thing that was left out from getting updated were our TV’s. Their updating process was quite slow when you go a decade back. Now, the world is working on building some amazing TV’s that we call smart TV. These TV’s are something new; they have their own processing units and operating systems that allows you to use them in the same way as your smartphone.

The latest addition to the world of Smart TV’s  is the SUHD TV from Samsung which are coming out soon. The prices of these SUHD, as all new products were hoped to be quite high, but these ones are astonishingly high. The cheapest of the SUHD TV which is 48-inch in size is priced at whooping $ 2,499 and they go all the way up to $ 22,999.