Samsung will not produce smart speakers this year

A new report has come out suggesting that Samsung will not produce any smart speakers right now, or by the end of this year. The digital assistant Bixby has just learned English in the US, and it was also meant to be the brain of the speaker.

Also, Samsung have claimed that they do not see the AI speakers as marketable right now. They have also claimed that Amazon and the Korean are dominating in the markets. This is all rumored by an unnamed source from the company that told The Korea Herald.

The Amazon’s Echo speaker is the leader in the AI speakers markets right now, that holds 70% of the market share. The Google’s Home is also on the rise. Both of the companies have bigger AI teams working on their prototypes, and Samsung as they say, are not seeing themselves as a competition to these companies.

The Bixby speaker has also a descent knowledge at Korean language, and it also has its own carrier, the SK Telecom. Also, Samsung have not made anything official yet, so they might change their decision in future.