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Samsung Tops 2014 LCD-TV Shipments


LCD TV shipments in 2014 have been above expectations with a total of 215 million units that have been shipped and an annual growth of 5.4 percent. The Research Manager of WitsView, KK Chang stated many factors that led to this growth for the LCD TV market in 2014.

One of the factor included North America’s economic recovery, growth driven by the promotion of large size TVs and PDP replacement demands. Moreover this year saw the largest wave of replacement demands for the first time since 2007.

The Chinese brands this time took half of the top ten spots on the account of their aggressive rise while the Korean based brand Samsung once again held the top position of the brand shipping rankings for 2014. Samsung had a LCD TV market share of 22.8 percent in 2014. One of the main reasons that Samsung held this position is because of its very successful strategy of pricing large size TVs competitively.

The second to follow suit was LGE which held 14 percent of the market share and shows that it is way behind the leader Samsung, but far ahead of number three.


One of the major electronics company, the Japanese based SONY had quite a bad year due to its TV business split out into a separate company. Even then SONY’s overall performance was quite impressive as it took about 6.8 percent of the market share and in turn knocked off the brand TCL and regained its number three position.

The list in 2014 also showed more Chinese brands in the top ten than ever before. These Chinese brands occupied positions from the fourth to the seventh. This was quite an amazing performance compared with the previous year when only three Chinese brands had made it in to the shipment rankings.

TCL and Hisense were the two Chinese brands that had lower purchasing costs compared to the others and that is why these two brands were able to promote their products with the most aggressive sales strategies.