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Samsung Ranks 2nd In IoT Innovation Race


IoT (Internet of Things) is a quite new idea that has been introduced to us very recently. Most of the tech-related people might not even have the knowledge on what IoT actually is. It’s something that’s simple yet very complicated to imagine. It’s something that will connect all our devices, appliances, and anything that runs on electricity together like separate entities.

IoT is a concept of getting the daily used electronics that have become an essential part of our lives to internet access. IoT, in very simple words, is a network that helps the machines interact with each other and us so that they could be controlled through the existing network infrastructure.


IoT basically depends on a separately identifiable unique chip, which helps the devices connect independently to the internet. Well, the uses of IoT are quite vast and many globally-acknowledged companies are putting lots of money, research, and development into this idea.

Well, according to the recent publication, Fast Company which is a leading US publisher has said that Samsung is using IoT and blending it with the most unique and best innovative ideas. We already know how great Samsung is at innovation so let’s wait and see what it has for us in the future in terms of IoT.