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Samsung and LG End Display Panel Patent War

LG vs Samsung Display Panel Patent
Samsung and LG display units decided to end patent dispute and focus more on innovation and explore cooperation in display technology.

Samsung and LG, are the leaders in display panel technology. LG produces LCD and LED screens for iPhone, iPads and its own Android smartphones. On the other hand Samsung makes screens for its Galaxy range of smartphone, tablets and for its smart TVs. Recently both the companies released curved OLED displays used in television sets.

Samsung Display said in a statement it has “come to an agreement with LG Display to focus on finding ways to cooperate on patent matters though discussions, and to immediately drop lawsuits over liquid-crystal displays and next-generation organic light-emitting-diode display patents.”
LG Display, in a separate statement, echoed Samsung’s commitment to cooperation.

Last December Samsung sued LG over seven of its LCD patents and in counter attack LG was seeking sales ban of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. But now both the companies agreed that instead of wasting their energy over patent disputes, they should focus more on keeping a competitive edge over foreign rivals and doing more innovation in display technologies.