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Samsung Level Box Mini will Give Tough Competition to JamBox and Bose Soundlink Mini

Samsung Level Box Mini
Samsung just announced Level Box Mini wireless speaker which promises big sound from a small portable speaker. Like other portable wireless speakers in the market, Samsung Level Box Mini will connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

The Level Box Mini which is the latest entry to Samsung’s Level headset and speakers collection will cost $199.99. Samsung claims the new portable speaker will fit into your purse. We are assuming the speaker will have the same size of JawBone Jambox or Bose Soundlink Mini. Samsung Level Box Mini will come in metallic body with many different color options to choose from, including red, white and black colors. There is a blue variant also in the pipeline but it will be exclusive to BestBuy.

Samsung claims:

With Level Box Mini, you’ll get a seamlessly connected experience when you pair your NFC or Bluetooth-enabled device near the speaker to make the connection. From there, controlling the speaker is also simple with its built-in buttons that allow you to play or stop a song, adjust the volume, and even accept or reject calls. What’s more is the battery life – enjoy up to 25 hours of playback on a single charge.

You can use Samsung Level App to control the speaker, which is kind of handy. Samsung claims 25 hours of playback with a single charge.