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Samsung Galaxy’s S8 fingerprint scanner on the back?

samsung galaxy s8 fingerprint scanner on the backThere have been rumors all the time about either the release of the Galaxy S8, or its specifications. For now, all that we know for sure is that S8 will be the first smartphone to feature optical fingerprint recognition. Also, what Samsung are planning for their future devices, is to have this sensor on their all handsets. Currently when the Galaxy S8 comes in question, we heard a rumor that the device might place the scanner on the back of the device.

What also the device might feature, is the well-known iris recognition sensor from their Galaxy Note 7. This sensor is set to be faster than the other ones. We already know that the Galaxy S8 will not have home button, so the position of their fingerprint scanner comes in question. And according to the rumor, the place of the scanner as we said might take place on the back of the device. This design looks very familiar to the Google Pixel’s fingerprint scanner that has the same position.

As expected, Samsung has not yet commented on any of these rumors. It is also too soon to certainly know where the fingerprint scanner will be placed on the Galaxy S8. The release of the device is still set on February 2017 at MWC.