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Samsung Launches A New Service For Toddlers Called As Samsung Kids

Samsung-kids-tablet-childrens-tablet-660x409Samsung electronics America introduces us to a new service that they hope will help your child in learning and playing games in a kid friendly environment. The service is bundled with a tablet which is too familiar. The galaxy tab 3 lite. The features of Samsung kids with the tablet are the educational apps that are bundled with the device. The tablet comes with an accident bumper that will help in safeguarding the device when your child accidentally drops it.

The service is divided according to the age group and has programs for children up to 12 years of age. Samsung kids is a subscription based model that will cost you $5 per month. It contains educational content that will help in bringing out the creativity in your child and provides a safe and ad free mobile environment.

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“Samsung Kids delivers on the promise of fun learning combined with a safe, high-value proposition for parents,” said Samsung “We’ve created an engaging experience that gets kids playing in less than five minutes and keeps them learning for hours.”

The interactive and friendly user interface of Samsung kids provides the following services in the tablet.

  • “Featured,” which showcases the latest apps;
  • “Starter Pack,” with more than 20 apps valued at $75;
  • “Games,” including word games, puzzles, books and more; and
  • “My Stuff,” where kids can return to apps already downloaded.

The apps and the mobile environment has been designed by child experts and psychologist to help the child grow in the most progressive manner and simultaneously helps the parent in safeguard their child from being exposed to the harsh content in the mobile world. Thy can also limit the amount of exposure that the child will have in the Samsung kids service. When you buy the tablet, you will have the Samsung kids service for 3 months as a trial period. After that is $5/month.