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Samsung KNOX-enabled Devices Get FireEye Mobile Security Service


FireEye Inc. has finally reached an agreement with Samsung Electronics and through this agreement FireEye Inc. will provide mobile security service on Samsung KNOX enabled devices. This will be done through product integration.

The integrated security feature works by scanning apps using FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention to judge the level of risk prior to their installation on the device. This feature is also able to block high risk apps and even notifies the users of possible malware movement.

This integrated solution by FireEye works as an additional security layer to Samsung KNOX as KNOX also has its own security feature. The FireEye security feature intercepts malicious software movement before they start damaging the security of KNOX.

The research team at FireEye has also revealed that nearly 31% of the total apps available on Google Play Store are prone to cyber-attacks. The senior principal analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group stated that with the increasing security threats to mobile devices it has become essential for companies to ensure that their users are fully protected.

He further stated that by leveraging the features in Samsung KNOX, FireEye can successfully provide security solutions and safeguard companies in the world of cyber-attacks.