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Samsung Gets Beaten Down In India


Smartphones have changed our lifestyles a lot in the past few years. We have become so attached to the smartphones that we are unable to do most of our daily tasks without a smartphone in today’s fast-paced world.

But at many times, the screens of our smartphones become a bit smaller for us and in this case, the ultimate solution is to switch to a tablet which can perform the duties of both smartphones and PC’s at the same time.



In today’s world, we have a global market for every product. The global market of tablets is quite huge and Samsung is the leader of this global market. Samsung is famous because of its cheaper tablets that have better functions. The biggest market for all sorts of cheap electronics is India.

There are many other local companies from whom Samsung faces competition. One such company is iBall which has taken the record of best Indian tablet company from Samsung. In fourth quarter of 2014, this company sold more tablets than Samsung in India and according to the public opinion, it is the best Indian Tablet Brand. Samsung now needs to go over its strategy in India and perform well or it will lose a great share of market in near future.