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Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Release In March And Galaxy S6 Edge In April

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Well by now everyone knows that the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will be unveiled by Samsung on March 1 during Samsung’s event scheduled in Barcelona. But, no one knows that when exactly will Samsung release these new smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was officially announced on February 24th and launched on the 11th of April last year.

Now everyone would be thinking that it’s most likely that Samsung would repeat what they did last year and launch the Samsung Galaxy S6 about a month after it has been unveiled. However, we have seen that competition is very tough and fierce in the market and if Samsung needs to regain its lost territory and reclaim its crown than it needs an edge. Samsung would have this edge if it is the one being first out of the gate. We recently saw HTC do this when it announced and launched its One M8 on the same day.

However, sources have got hold of a leaked internal document from Samsung which basically reveals the launch dates for both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge by way of blackout dates. Blackout days are basically those dates on which employees are not allowed to take days off. Now the leaked document states that March 22nd and March 30th as mandatory work days as well as April 19th and April 27th. So it is pretty clear that the first date refers to the Galaxy S6 and the second date refers to the Galaxy S6 Edge as it is more difficult to produce with its curved display.

However all this could mean nothing as nothing is concrete here, but it seems quite likely that these dates represent launch dates.