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Samsung Galaxy Phone Exploded, Started Fire

Galaxy Ace 2 Caught Fire
In a latest mishap a Canadian woman claims that her Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 phone caught fire while she was sleeping next to it.

Hope Casserly purchased the budget Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 phone in 2013 and the incident happened in October this year. She is a student of computer science at the University of Guelph in Canada.

“My back was to the phone and… I saw a light going across my shoulder, which would be the inside of the battery on fire. It hit the wall and fell onto my bed,” Casserly said, according to the CBC.

Samsung on its part claims that Hope Casserly was using an unauthorized battery.

Phones usually get very hot if you put it under pillow where there is no room for heat ventilation. Here are some images which clearly show what happened to the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.