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Samsung finished the Note 7’s battery investigation

Samsung Note 7 battery investigationSamsung have reported that the investigation about the Note 7 battery is finally behind us. The company continues to march forward as they put the issues behind them.

The Korea Testing Laboratory and UL were the companies who helped Samsung to get the results of the battery investigations on their device.  As many reports were saying before, and following the investigations from The Investor, the company was struggling to find the solution of the problem. Finally, after the third-party companies, as we mentioned above, were able to make good investigation and find the problem. The reason could be the design of the Note 7 itself, saying that there was not enough internal space for the large battery.

Still the real question remains unanswered, why did the company still managed to release the Note 7 without proper testing beforehand? Very soon after the release of the device, the battery issues were discovered. Since making a huge problem to the users, Samsung have recalled the Note 7 and since then they’ve started the investigation.

Even after their recall of the device, some of the users are still using the Note 7. That’s why the company is releasing updates in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, USA and Europe. The update in Europe brings the device’s battery charge to a limited 30% of the battery. That makes the phone usable only for emergency cases. As for the other countries, the update is fully restricting the phone from charging.

SOURCEAndroid Authority
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