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Samsung 837 Is Samsung’s Super Store That Sells Coffee

Yes, you heard that right. Samsung has opened a latest flagship store that put the Apple stores around the world on their knees but unlike these stores, Samsung 837 has nothing on sale except for the items in the cafeteria. Instead, it is designed to as a “technology playground and a cultural destination”.

The 55,000 sq. ft. area showcases various of the Samsung products and the experience of its eco system starting ranging from the business security of Knox to the prowess of a connected home powered by Samsung’s SmartThings. Not only that, there is a giant theatre that is made up of 96 TV’s of 55 inches. This theatre can seat about 75 persons and Samsung said it intends to use this screen to live stream various events such as the Oscars and product announcements. There is also a selfie station; this area is optimized so that you can have the best selfie possible.

For some strange reason, Samsung is also conducting cooking classes and musical nights. I love the concept of hanging out at a tech store that can do more than exhibit a few products.

“At Samsung, we have a proven track record of innovation, and with Samsung 837, we are creating the flagship of the future,” zach over, vice president and general manager of Samsung 837, said in a press release Monday. “Reimagining the traditional store experience, 837 is a fully immersive cultural centre, featuring programming which will tap into people’s passions such as art, music, entertainment, sports, wellness, culinary, technology and fashion, all powered and enriched by technology.”

Although the Samsung 837 doesn’t sell any products, it has support for customers and can replace their cracked screen, software issues and battery replacements.

“A first of its kind immersive experience where attendees can ‘step into’ a virtual world and be transported anywhere. The experience will feature ongoing curated content around themes like travel, sports and family, or special events like festivals, sports and music, and demonstrations on Samsung’s Gear VR including a 4D VR experience,” Samsung said about the VR tunnel that remains the highlight of the entire store.3056708-inline-i-1-str-samsung-is-opening-a-massive-flagship-store-that-doesnt-sell-anything

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